Earning by referring people purchase PC or notebook even insurance

If you know somebody is looking for computer or notebook even car insurance, you may earn a commission on every sales that you refer it. How?

Just joining BuyNow2u affiliate program. BuyNow2u brings to you a new concept of owning a BRANDED Notebook/Pc(s) at the most affordable price! Being the new wave generation of consumers or rather smart consumers, we are always in the loop of sourcing for good branded Notebooks/PC(s) to cater to current lifestyle needs.

Just a simple registration via SMS, no other additional fees or charges only your normal teleco on SMS charges. On top of that you will getting a replicate website as to ease you promoting the business. As a reward, you will getting 2 tier commission. On PC/Notebook plan, 1st tier you will getting 7% on sales and 2nd tier 3% on sales. For insurance you will getting 2.5% 1st tier and 1.0% for 2nd tier.

For the details you may visit BuyNow2u website and joining them FREE. Start your promotion and earn!


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